Training and Organizational Learning

This course guides you through a proven framework for developing an Information Technology Strategic Plan 2.0 and related Technology Architectures and describes how to achieve Strategy Execution. It includes how to incorporate Web 2.0 technologies into your organization. The course consists of lecture and workshops in which you will participate in the development of an IT strategy using a case study.

This intensive course is designed to help IT leaders and executives responsible for IT to gain a deeper and more practical understanding of IT Strategic Planning including Web 2.0 and the key management issues. This practical oriented course uses lectures, case studies, role plays and presentations to test and improve the studentís essential managerial skills for developing and deploying an IT strategy. The course is 3 days in length including workshops and case studies. It can be extended for a further 2 days to begin the IT strategy process for a particular organization.

Raumer & Associates uses a process consulting approach to guide our clients through the four strategic planning phases. We emphasize client participation throughout by utilizing structured workshops as the primary forum for training client staff as we develop the strategy. The workshops promote organizational learning and build a team consensus and momentum toward the strategy and its deployment. We have found with our clients that this approach   yields the best results.

However, we also offer an Strategic Planning 2.0 Course which can be given prior to an Strategy project.

IT Strategic Planning Course - Aligning IT with the Business and achieving "Confluence"

The three-day IT Strategy Course guides students through a proven framework for aligning IT with the business by developing a comprehensive Information Technology Strategic Plan. The course consists of lectures and hands-on workshops.  Through the use of a Case Study, students learn how to actually go about developing an IT Strategy. 

The course concludes with a client-specific discussion and suggested tips on how the students can make their particular IT strategy project a success!


  • Introduction to Information Technology (IT) Strategic Planning
    • What is an IT Strategy?
    • Foundations of IT Strategy
    • Why should an organization develop an IT Strategy?
    • Case Studies
    • How to use IT strategy to achieve alignment with the business.
    • How to organize the IT strategy project
  • Developing an IT Strategy – A practical proven three-phase approach

PHASE I: "Where do we want to go?"

  • Business Direction – Alignment & Confluence of IT with the goals of the organization
  • Identifying Business Opportunities to use Information Technology including Web2.0
  • Defining the IT Strategic Directions and Thrusts
  • Developing the Information Architecture
    • Information Architecture – The future technology direction
    • Principles and governance
    • Models
    • Standards

PHASE II: "Where we are today?"

  • Assessment of Current IT Capabilities
    • IT Direction
    • Mission, Vision, Goals, etc.
    • Technology Components: Hardware/Servers. Networks. Peripherals, and Workstations
    • Applications and Databases
    • Current Projects
    • Structure, Culture, Staffing, Skills
    • IT Management Processes
    • IT Customer Service
    • IT Costs
  • Reviewing IT Trends and Competitor Benchmarking
    • IT Trends
    • Benchmarking competitors and similar organizations

PHASE III: "How do we get there?"

  • IT Transition Plan – Identify and prioritizing project
    • Application and Database Projects
    • Technology Projects
    • IT Management Projects
    • Business Process Improvement
    • Quick-hits
  • Defining Performance Metrics to measure progress toward achieving the plan
  • IT Organizational Alignment – Identifying actions for changing IT organizational capabilities and achieving alignment with the business.
    • Style
    • Structure
    • Staffing
    • Skills
    • Processes
    • Change Management Program

PHASE IVI: "What progress are we making?"

  • Defining measures and metrics
  • Monitoring progress and measuring results
  • Adapting and improving

Summary and Conclusions

Discussion of Client-specific Issues – Tips on how to make your effort a success!

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand a proven framework for developing an IT strategy.
  • Apply strategic thinking to the use and management of information technology in their organization.
  • Understand how to target their organization’s strategic IT initiatives and projects.
  • Understand how to develop future information technology architectures.
  • Understand how to align IT with the business and achieve confluence.
  • Understand how to conduct strategy retreats/workshops.
  • Guide their organization through a successful strategy formulation process.